© craig dober 2017.01.15

monkey death wish

all night metagame for game night.

1) prior to the soiree a sponsor is chosen. the sponsor brings the prize for the game. the prize can be a gold bar, a car, an origami duck, a shiney penny, a dull penny, whatever, a poem, scream "tiny rick" and give the winner the finger, this list is not exclusive, it can be anything.

2) the best joke of the night wins. it could be a long form joke, a knock knock, practical joke, a sly but witty comment, chair fart noise, pratfall, slapstickcheck local assault laws whatever everyone thinks is the funniest thing, by a majority vote taken after the joke delivery. The winner of the moment is annointed "The Holder of the High Ground" until the next joke and vote.

3) in the case of a tie, a shirtless alien knife fight decides the winner. or call it a tie or argue about it for the rest of your lives, or whatever.